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A common task in network management is the collection and storage of data from managed devices

Assignment - Network Management Solution

This assignment can be done individually or (optionally) as a group. There is a maximum of two (2) students in a group.
A common task in network management is the collection and storage of data from managed devices. The data can include, but not limited to, configuration and performance data. The objective of this assignment is to design and implement a network management solution that captures and stores data from various devices. Consider the following diagram that presents a simplified example.

The design of the network management solution will begin with a scenario design. The scenario design will include how many managed devices under consideration (in the range of 2-5 managed devices), and what needs to be captured and stored. The implementation will naturally follow from the scenario design and fulfil the outlined requirements.
Note that only the design will be assessed. In other words there is no need for sample executions of the solution. The solution will be tested after submission.
The MIB objects under consideration should be based on the MIB-II sub-tree (see RFC1213 for more details) with object identifier ‘’. Each of the nodes directly below MIB-II is called a group. An overview of the first 7 nodes is given by the following table.

Implementation Guidance
Code examples will be made available to give some idea of how to approach the implementation of the solution. See VUCollaborate for further instruction. 

Management "The advancement of network scale sizes is making structure more sophisticated. Paying attention on how to effectively manage a network remains indispensable. Two system models often characterize network management systems’ development. B/S and C/S modes represent the same whereas a combination of both is possible."...

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