5G is the newest mobile network technology that is replacing the current

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5G is the newest mobile network technology that is replacing the current

5G is the newest mobile network technology that is replacing the current 4G technology by providing high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. Mobile service providers are planning to immigrate to this technology to support the growing number of devices that demand internet access, many of them requiring so much bandwidth in order to function normally that 4G simply doesn't cut it anymore.

For further reading, refer to the article “5G Cellular User Equipment: From Theory to Practical Hardware Design”. The article is available on the IEEE Explore platform, which could be accessed via the Melbourne Institute of Technology Library.

The assessment requires the students to identify the challenges in 5G technology compare with the current wireless communication technologies and consider the proposed solutions to address the 5G limitations. Evaluate the wireless communication standards for wireless cyber physical systems and internet of things. The students are required to submit a report, which includes:

1. Comparison of the existing cellular networks generations (5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G) in terms of:

a. Communication spectrum

b. modulation techniques

c. medium access control mechanism

d. Network speed and bandwidth utilization

e. Security techniques and risk

2. Explore the architecture of a 5G network

3. Identify and analyse the 5G attacks on the access and core networks.

4. Identify and analyse the issue related to 5G network coverage? What is a solution to address this limitation? 

Management5G's architecture is highly advanced, and, its network elements and various terminals are characteristically upgraded to afford a new situation. Service providers, likewise, can implement the advance technology to adopt the value-added services easily. Although, the upgrade-ability is based upon the cognitive radio technology which includes significant features like the ability of device...

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