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Privacy Policy

·        We understand your privacy concerns. Your help will remain reserved within company grounds and will not be shared with anyone else. Student personal information is handled only by our trustworthy employees.

·        We process the right to unveil the information of student if demanded by law, court or in any case of judicial proceedings.

· can change the privacy policy whenever necessary. It is suggested to keep a check on privacy and policy from time to time. The new terms will be updated by our team without any interruption and if you agree to these conditions, you are liable to be bound by them.

Return/Cancellation Policy

·         If you are not satisfied with our services then we believe in offering you full refund if you provide us with evidence/proof of incorrect guidance. This proof should be provided/mailed to us within 15 days of help provided.

·         If you want to cancel your current query then you can post another query of same amount. But if our expert has already started working on your query, refund is not applicable.

 ·         Reward points are issued in case of cancellation. 

Refund Policy

- Please note, that the company can not be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, Payment Gateway Charges and/or possible delays occurring due to any Bank service issues.

- In other cases of return/cancellation, refund will be processed in the original mode of payment, which will be credited within 7-10 working days. 

- We will not bear the currency conversion charges. It will be charged from the client.

- Refund is not applicable in case multiple revisions were provided.

Shipping (deadline) Policy

- The solution/Notes/Analysis of the question/Project/Doubt will be provided to the client within the mentioned deadline.

- The minimum time period of providing the solution is 12 hours. The options of time delivery are within 15 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or 4 days which is initially selected by the client. 

- With mutual acceptance and understanding of available time for client, the initial deadline can be increased. 

Revision Policy

- In case of revision work, expert takes at least 12 hours to complete the same as per his availability. However he will try his best to satisfy you. It is recommended to clients to enough ensure timeline to the tutor.

- A maximum of 3 revisions are allowed for free. Beyond which client has to pay additional. Our Experts do their best to resolve the query in first attempt or 1-2 revisions.

Terms and conditions

Welcome to our website Before using our services, clients are required to click on the I AGREE check-box on our submission page or payment page. This implies that you agree to the terms and conditions and policies of website and are liable to be bound by them. The privacy policy of the website can be changed at any time and we will keep on updating it, so the clients are required to go through all the terms and conditions before using our services. The user will be notified of the changes thirty days before we make any changes to our policies and the changes will become operative soon after they are notified on the website. If you do not comply with the terms and conditions, then you may discontinue using our service.

Each time the website's services are used by you, you are subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of our website.

The terms '’ or 'us' or 'we' or ‘our’ refer to the owner of the website.  The Terms ‘user’, ‘you’, ‘customer’, ‘client’ and ‘your’ refers to the individual that uses [Clients] or viewers of our website.

The only medium for communicating with us is the electronic media that is via emails, chats or pop ups. You are deemed to agree that you will provide us and maintain your database, current and active email address with

The user will be treated as not subjected to in case the user discontinues his/her account or the account has been ceased by us. All the past interactions done by the user with the website through the previous email address will be termed as invalid.

A. About the Website: is a forum for educational purposes. It is the working together of the students and our experts. Students are served the educational and informational purpose over here and our experts are the one, who answers them. It’s on our experts to decide, which question they want to answer. Our experts are also like customers to us, they are merely the users of the site. The study material that is there in the site might or might not reflect similarity from other sources, because it could have been an indirect resource from some other available online this type of material bearing any similarity will removed by the website immediately on the request of claimant as soon as possible.

We do not entertain any kind of conversation between the students (users) and experts (users).  And in any such case, it might restrict the user or experts from the access of the website. Our work is completely unbiased; we endorse or recommend any particular expert and same is the case of students, we do not show any biasness in referring one student over the other.

And in any case there is a claim without any source of electronic media or an email from our website, it will be considered as a violation of our identity. is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions done by experts in the service provided and also not liable for inability of the customer to make payments. In any case of inability of the experts or the users, we won't be able to take any strict action, but would try to ensure that nothing of that sort happens. There may be possibility of such content which is not appropriate for users' view posted by unauthorized users relating to communal hatred, violence, breach of human rights, pornography etc and this type of content will be removed immediately on users' request or if it comes under our notification first.

If there are any sort of emergency questions regarding any illness etc, they should be administered directly through phone call or in person. Besides, our website is not bound to deal with such conditions.
If we are using the term ‘expert’, then it refers to our highly qualified users who would be answering your questions. We would guide you not to rely on the term usage, rely on them only if you are completely satisfied. It’s on the claimant that he may or may not agree to take services from a particular tutor. In case any legal dispute arises between any user or an expert, it can be sorted only if notification is made to the website. We only verify about the qualification of the experts but not about their personal information. We only judge them on the basis of their qualifications. In case you have any doubt against the expertise of a tutor, you can stop taking hisher services any time. As it is very difficult to identify someone on internet, so we cannot take the guarantee of any of the users whether it is the students or the experts. We ( will not be responsible for any kind of mishap caused due to your reliance on the content in a post.

As you would be sure of the fact that the site is an Internet-based entity, so if there is any kind of information submitted in your questions, answers, signatures, profiles, qualifications, request for information, posts, comments etc in the expert forum or any other place where users can communicate, then that information would not be confidential and it could be read or collected by others So, we would guide you against using any personal information in such cases and as all this appears online, then it might also appear at any other such online or goggled sites.

The service provided by us is to be used for general purposes only and it cannot be used for any other specific profession for self-evaluation. Just by providing you assignment or homework help, we are not forming any sort of attorney-client relationships with the users of the site. If you are providing any legal or law related content, then that would be your own responsibility. The work that we provide you is just for your references and as the name suggests, we serve you only as a mentor in improving the subject awareness.

You get the answers or solutions to your questions and queries but this shouldn’t be considered as a professional-client relationship. We possess the right to modify, remove and use any of the comments, questions by you and it won't be liable to give you any compensation for it.

B. Legal Statements:

All the content related to a user posted by him/her or any omissions on the website render only the user responsible for it. Our site i.e. is like a platform and if any case arises in which there is a dispute between the user and expert, then is released from any kind of demands, damages, claims; which may be closed or disclosed, suspected or unsuspected which have any connection direct or indirect with such disputes. There could be many products and services which may be endeavoured on our site. But in no way we take the guarantee of these, but in any case you have some problem or complaint regarding any of the advertisement or services, would be not stated liable for such actions.

In no event shall our proprietors, affiliates, employees, partners, directors etc. be liable for any indirect, retaliatory, penal, consequential, incidental damages related to our website either directly or indirectly. These may be related to our terms of use and service or our service provided, even if there is forewarning of such damage. The limitations of damages set forth above are a fundamental element of the basis of the bargain between us and you. If a user wishes to use material related to third party, then he/she may contact the owner of copyright. The user does not acquire any rights of ownership of the material viewed on the website. Through this, you also agree to the condition that any matter posted on the website of or any other such social page relating to, that matter would not be confidential and may or may not be used by without any obligation or compensation if the submitted material is returned. is not liable for any information that may be offensive, harmful, deceptive or inaccurate for the user.

There is no guarantee, warranty or any representation related to the information posted on the website whether it is oral or written. There is no warranty of the fact that the services rendered to you by our website will be free of any errors, defects or free of malware or virus. We also do not guarantee that the services would be uninterrupted. And the defects would be corrected. If you rely on this website, even then we are not responsible if any loss or damage inflicts on you.

C. Choice of Law and Forum: 

all the legal terms refer to those which are governed and constructed according to the laws of Delhi, Government of India. The following procedure is to be followed in order to solve any case arising between a user and an expert 1) Notification to the other party of the facts of the dispute, all damages claimed, in writing delivered to – a) User's email address b)'s head office address 2) Allowance of thirty days from the receipt of the Dispute Notification to receive a response to and or offer to remedy the dispute.

Tie-up Agreement with Tutors

·        Please find the terms and condition of the contract below. 15-day payment policy: The subject matter expert will be paid on a 30 days cycle, after the submission of the Solution/Notes/Hints. However in case of any ERROR related to the Solution/Notes/Hints the payment will be on hold until submitted as per the requirement. .

·        Plagiarism policy: Once the Solution/Notes/Hints has been submitted, it will go through a plagiarism check over Turnitin, in case of plagiarism above 10-14%.The expert will have to submit a revised solution, that makes sure the original content.

·      Revision policy: In case the Solution/Notes/Hints is not as per the requirement shared by the user initially, the expert will have to revise the solution as per the user satisfaction

·      Confidentiality: The subject matter expert will maintain the company and user information, confidentiality, In case nonadherence to the same, the company is liable to take appropriate action as per the circumstances

·      Deliverables: The expert is bound to deliver the Solution/Notes as per the requirement shared by the client, nonadherence of this will lead to withholding of the payment until the revised solution as per requirement shared.

·      End client requirement: The client requirement matter at most. The expert has to follow the assignment requirement shared by user, in case of any issue, the expert can raise the query and it be resolved as soon as possible, however, maintain quality of the report along with the requirements shared.

·      Educational Documents and LinkdeIn profile shared by the tutor are true and correct.

Honor Code Policies

We know that most of you have never and will never abuse the Services or any of the information, services or materials available through them. You agree to abide by our Honor Code.

You may not use any of the solutions, answers, materials or information available on or through the Services, to cheat. Examples include:

1. Using our questions and answers service to complete tests or homework when instructed not to use outside help.

2. Otherwise passing along any solutions, answers, materials or information from the Services as your own.

3. Any other violation of your instructor's or school's academic honor code.

We will take swift action against anyone found violating this Honor Code. If Studywalk is presented with evidence that its Services have been used in a manner contrary to its Honor Code or any other part of these Terms of Use, Studywalk may, in its sole discretion, remove the materials and terminate the account of the involved users.

Studywalk Intellectual Property Rights Owner Program

Studywalk protects the rights of the intellectual property owners, and consumers as well. Our program is designed to:

  • ·       Quickly remove listings reported by intellectual property rights owners to Studywalk across the
  • ·       Proactively monitor and remove postings that violate Studywalk policies designed to prevent the listing of infringing items on Studywalk sites.
  • ·       Suspend users who repeatedly violate our policies and the rights of others.
  • ·       Cooperate with rights owners seeking personal information on alleged infringers.

Studywalk is not an expert in each individual intellectual property owner's rights, and owners are ultimately responsible for protecting their own intellectual property. If you believe that a particular posting violates your intellectual property rights, we need your help to identify the listing.


How to report infringing content to Studywalk:

Only the intellectual property rights owner can report potentially infringing content to Studywalk. If you are not the rights owner, you can help by reaching out to the rights owner and encouraging them to contact us.

To report a listing, you can fill out our Notice of Claimed Infringement form available through


Policy Against Repeat Infringers:

Studywalk does not tolerate the abuse of its website by those who knowingly infringe on the intellectual property rights of content owners. Our policy is simple: when we have a good faith, reasonable belief that infringing material has been placed on one of our sites either through a notice of claimed infringement from a rights owner or our own proactive efforts, we will: (1) promptly remove the infringing material; (2) send a message to the user posting the material informing them of the takedown and providing them with links to educational information; and (3) warn first time offenders that posting infringing materials will lead to suspension of Studywalk account privileges. Should a review of the user's account reveal that there have been prior postings of infringing material, we will take further action up to and including the suspension of that user's ability to post content on all Studywalk sites.

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