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A 10-year-old boy with a complex medical history including history

A 10-year-old boy with a complex medical history including history of trisomy 21, intractable infantile spasms, seizure disorder, and developmental delay (nonverbal), is admitted with increased difficulty breathing. His temperature on admission is 101°F, and a chest x-ray shows a left lower lobe infiltrate consistent with pneumonia.

His home regimen includes nocturnal NIV via nasal mask with an inspiratory pressure of 8 cm H2O, 3 cm PEEP, and 2 L/min of O2 added to the breathing circuit.

On admission, the patient complains of shortness of breath. His respiratory rate is 40 breaths/min, and SpO2 is 88% on a nonrebreathing mask. What should the RT suggest?

Managementcomplex medical history refers to a state in which patients have multiple medical conditions like cancer, cardiac complications, and organ failure at the same time. Patients with such conditions require specialized care from highly qualified medical practitioners....

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