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A 14-year-old girl wants to try out for the boys’ wrestling team and is not interested

A 14-year-old girl wants to try out for the boys’ wrestling team and is not interested in participating in any other sports. She is an exceptionally talented athlete who has regularly lifted weights for the past two years and is in excellent physical condition. Although she has no prior experience in wrestling, her dream is to one day earn a gold medal as a member of the U.S. Olympic women’s wrestling team. No other girls at her high school are interested in wrestling. The team’s coach has refused to allow “a girl to try out for a man’s sport.” If you were her parent, would you be willing to file a lawsuit on her behalf to challenge this decision? If you were the school’s principal, how, if at all, would you counsel the coach?

ManagementA Lawsuit is civil legal action by one party towards another in the civil court of law. The filled case can be heard by a court of law or a court of entity depending on the solution sought and the venue where the plaintiff filed the lawsuit. However the parties involved can decide to settle their differences anytime....

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