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A brief introduction of the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation).

This Assignment assesses the student’s understanding of the theoretical learning to practical, real world situations. Students should identify a problem situation (only one problem) in an organisation they have access to (preferably an organisation where you work or have worked recently). Do not focus on a problem that has already been solved. Also do not focus on many problems at the same time. Followings should be covered in your assignment:

1. A brief introduction of the organisation (it is acceptable to withhold the name of the organisation).

2. Description of the problem, as much as possible in terms of the observable or measurable symptoms it manifests, for example: increased customer complaints; specific quality concerns; high staff turnover; contracts lost; decreased market share; loss of funding or loss of profit. (Do not conceptualize the problem initially as ‘a leadership problem’, ‘a communication problem’ etc.).

3. The issue/problem that should then be considered and analysed in terms of material drawn from any two topics studied as part of this subject. To give some examples, you may choose to apply a model of leadership and use strategic planning concepts to examine your problem, or use models or concepts of motivation and organisational culture, or ethics and organisational design. Try to choose the topic models/concepts that seem to offer the most useful insights into the problem. Do not try to deal with many models or concepts.

4. Design of an intervention (a change program or set of activities and procedures) utilizing some aspect or aspects of your analysis. The intervention should be intended to solve or improve the situation. Please note you are not merely being asked for a list of recommendations. If you intend to undertake any research, interviewing, distribution of questionnaires or other activities in your organisation, you must discuss your proposed approach with your lecturer and obtain your lecturer’s approval before you do so.

Management "Problem solving represents the prime reason for leaders’ existence. A leader’s key goal ought to be problem occurrence minimization. There must be resilience in creating and sustaining momentum for an organization and the people it serves. However, any workplace’s reality deals with people complicating matters through corporate politicking."...

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