Columbus Custom Carpentry is a small but growing Midwest company
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Columbus Custom Carpentry is a small but growing Midwest company

Columbus Custom Carpentry is a small but growing Midwest company that manufactures residential interior doors. Its competitive advantage is its ability to produce a custom-styled product at a low price. In the industry, this is known as mass customization. Columbus Custom Carpentry has achieved this by producing custom assembly jigs that reduce the time and therefore the labor cost required to produce their doors.

Recently, there has been a claim of unfair pay practices among employees. The President, Mary Thonn, would like to investigate this claim in hopes of maximizing morale and minimizing voluntary turnover. Attached is an excel spreadsheet of employee data from the company's human resources information system. Using this data, write an executive summary to the President examining the current salary for all production technicians at Columbus Custom cabinetry, taking into consideration the employee's years of service. Be sure to include descriptive statistics (i.e. mean, median, mode, 25thpercentile, and 75thpercentile).

The executive summary of your findings and include a recommendation for future implementation.

Statistics Unfair pay practices in a company may affect the morale of employees and increase voluntary turnover. Human resource departments should have clear policies on payment and promotion taking into consideration the period of service of the employees. Descriptive statistics such as the mean and median can give insights into the pay disparities. ...

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